Translator Revolution WordPress Plugin

Reach millions of people around the world with just a simple couple of clicks

You'll love Translator Revolution

Translator Revolution is a versatile WordPress plugin that translates your content the easy way. Whether it's a page, post, widget, slider, carousel... anything! It'll allow you to get your website translated in no time and with no effort!

Feature list

  • 91 languages available

  • Easy and fast setup

  • Edit translations

  • Intuitive admin panel

  • Select what to translate

  • Select what to exclude

  • Javascript callbacks

  • FAQ & Support

  • Custom CSS

  • Inline documentation

  • Online backups

  • Languages in its own language

  • Time saver

  • Remember last select language

  • Test mode

  • Place it anywhere

Super easy install and setup

You can have the translator ready to work in one single minute!

High quality and efficient code

Translator Revolution is created using the best programming practices making the code easy to read and to maintain. It also has robust CSS definitions to isolate the translator from other plugins and themes, retaining its original design.