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Translator Revolution DropDown WordPress Plugin
  • Suits best for menus and widget areas.
  • Great when needed to have a medium to large number of languages.
  • Best rated translation plugin on Envato Market of all time.
Even though this plugin is the newest of this set, it's the fastest selling and soon it'll become the best selling!
Translator Revolution WordPress Plugin
  • Suits best for headers and footers.
  • Ideal when needed to focus on just a few number of languages.
  • Best selling translation plugin on Envato Market of all time.
Improved over the years, this plugin has become immune to conflicts with 3rd party software. Helping the drop down version plugin to achieve the same goal.

Best compatibility with 3rd party plugins and themes

Established products

The first product was released back in 2011, since then we have been improving our translators to ensure the best possible compatibility.

Visual builders & sliders

They offer great fexibility to easily create rich content by simple drag and drop without any coding. Translate them effortlessly.


Stop worrying about whether themes are built according to the WordPress Codex for internationalization, all the content will be translated either way.